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6. Love Lessons From A Lapdancer - June Morrow

Love lessons from a lapdancer with June Morrow


Ex-Lapdancer, stand-up, dating coach, now an author and clarity coach. Divorced with 100+ dates in one year - June has a few things to teach us when it comes to dating men.

We go over:

  • The pick up artists, online dating and how to safely get 100+dates/ year

  • The different ask for men and women 

  • The difference between being triggered and your intuition

  • What to do when triggered on a date

  • Expectations and what it does to relationships

  • The difference between how men and women feel safe

  • How, when (and if) to define a relationship

  • Love bombing

  • What someone wants but not with you

  • Gender role 

  • Why multi-dating is important!

  • Red flags and deal breakers

  • Condom etiquette and why it matters 

  • Round of awkward dating questions that June solves live

  • The primal part of courtship and why we need to leave all PC things out the door

  • Date ideas

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5. Lessons Learned in Celibacy - Safiya Robinson

Dentist and author, Safiya, is celibate and a free spirit at heart. What I thought was going to be purely about sex and celibacy, evolved into a much deeper topic.

We discuss:

  • How Safiya choose celibacy. Was she going around having bad sex and gave up? 

  • Does she date and how it works?

  • The difference between choosing it for you vs your beliefs.

  • How sex positivity isn’t always helpful. 

  • Free choice and don’t look to others to validate it

  • Marching to your own drum. Take ownership of your feelings, beliefs and body. 

  • Ask for what you want.

  • What is intimacy and are we settling for mediocre sex instead?

  • From believing no one could ever love me, to hell yeah, bring on the love! 

  • Why quirks are the best in love

  • Keeping it simple, not wasting energy on things that may never happen. 

  • Safyia’s take on expectations. 

  • I reveal why I’m so passionate about health and why I chose it as a business.

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1. Turned On - Rachel Paz

Turned On with Rachel Paz

Divorced, single mum with a special needs child. Rachel transformed from “is this all there is?” to “orgasmic joy and turning her life around  starting with Orgasmic Meditation [Ohm].

We talk about:

  • How to listen to your intuition and your body saying YES to someone.

  • What is Ohm and how it works

  • Stop getting in our own way in all aspects of life

  • When your gremlins come out when dating.

  • Stop apologising so much + Feel your worth + Ask for what you want

  • Doing business the Fem way & believing you can earn from what lights you up.

  • The difference between inner knowing, fear, avoidance and what’s bad for you. HINT: : “it’s something to do with feeling turned on and wanting to vomit a little bit.”  

  • Why life is all about collecting memories

Visti Rachel at theunfinishingschool for her coaching

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Trailer for Pilot Season

Trailer for the pilot season of Too Old For This Sh*t.

A podcast on all the things I wish I’d been told at 18, and too old not to know any better.


Guests come on to talk about what we wish we’d been told at 18, and too old not to know any better.

Topics include: love, entrepreneurship, conflicts wih people, bouncing back, (good) sex, dating, mental health, standing up for ourselves and living our best real life.

Off limit topics, laughters and outspoken conversations all welcome here!

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