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7. Love All of You(sssss) - Antares

Love all of Yousssss with Antares

Previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder with Antares we break the mould on D.I.D.

We go over:

  • How he knew something was ‘up’ 

  • How he knows it’s people and not voices or OCD

  • Who dreams at night

  • How it works with his husband

  • We throw the word normal through the wringer and come out with a new definition of equilibrium & happiness.  

  • How to have your own back

  • What we perceive as a disease, is a blessing in other cultures   

  • I open up about my past.

  • D.I.D. in the media. The truth and lies based on “Cybil” & ‘The United States of Tara’ the latter starring Toni Collette

  • Listen to the end where I uncover why most of the drivers in his system are men.

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