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6. Love Lessons From A Lapdancer - June Morrow

Love lessons from a lapdancer with June Morrow


Ex-Lapdancer, stand-up, dating coach, now an author and clarity coach. Divorced with 100+ dates in one year - June has a few things to teach us when it comes to dating men.

We go over:

  • The pick up artists, online dating and how to safely get 100+dates/ year

  • The different ask for men and women 

  • The difference between being triggered and your intuition

  • What to do when triggered on a date

  • Expectations and what it does to relationships

  • The difference between how men and women feel safe

  • How, when (and if) to define a relationship

  • Love bombing

  • What someone wants but not with you

  • Gender role 

  • Why multi-dating is important!

  • Red flags and deal breakers

  • Condom etiquette and why it matters 

  • Round of awkward dating questions that June solves live

  • The primal part of courtship and why we need to leave all PC things out the door

  • Date ideas

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