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7. Love All of You(sssss) - Antares

Love all of Yousssss with Antares

Previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder with Antares we break the mould on D.I.D.

We go over:

  • How he knew something was ‘up’ 

  • How he knows it’s people and not voices or OCD

  • Who dreams at night

  • How it works with his husband

  • We throw the word normal through the wringer and come out with a new definition of equilibrium & happiness.  

  • How to have your own back

  • What we perceive as a disease, is a blessing in other cultures   

  • I open up about my past.

  • D.I.D. in the media. The truth and lies based on “Cybil” & ‘The United States of Tara’ the latter starring Toni Collette

  • Listen to the end where I uncover why most of the drivers in his system are men.

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6. Love Lessons From A Lapdancer - June Morrow

Love lessons from a lapdancer with June Morrow


Ex-Lapdancer, stand-up, dating coach, now an author and clarity coach. Divorced with 100+ dates in one year - June has a few things to teach us when it comes to dating men.

We go over:

  • The pick up artists, online dating and how to safely get 100+dates/ year

  • The different ask for men and women 

  • The difference between being triggered and your intuition

  • What to do when triggered on a date

  • Expectations and what it does to relationships

  • The difference between how men and women feel safe

  • How, when (and if) to define a relationship

  • Love bombing

  • What someone wants but not with you

  • Gender role 

  • Why multi-dating is important!

  • Red flags and deal breakers

  • Condom etiquette and why it matters 

  • Round of awkward dating questions that June solves live

  • The primal part of courtship and why we need to leave all PC things out the door

  • Date ideas

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Her book: Paperback + Kindle

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4. It's Not Me, It's You - Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

It’s not me, it’s you. An episode on conflict resolutions with Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

An Artist and Organisational Psychologist, Clarissa goes into why we enter conflict and why blabbering to your boss is a manipulative move we need to get out of. 

  • Why we never left the playground when in conflicts + how to unlearn those behaviours 

  • Why we enter conflicts + how to solve them

  • Being boss vs employee and how to juggle both, hello my fellow entrepreneurs!

  • Interpretation is everything, perception is your reality - Be curious not furious 

  • How to have the hard conversations. 

  • It’s not me, it’s you

  • On the spot round of conflicts that Clarissa solves for me live on the call so we don’t say “I’m fine” or “bitch plezz” or “back off b*tch!” no more...don’t be shocked, girl I see you!

  • Why coddling is disgusting

  • One sure way to know who you can trust

Book recommendations from Clarissa:  

Center for Creative Leadership which covers SBI

Come find Clarisa on insta @ccr_sunshine 

LinkedIn: Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Facebook page: Clarissa Ramsey Studio

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3. Bounce Back - Melanie Frome

Bounce back with Melanie Frome

Adopted, teen mom on drugs and two divorces later and major health issues due to her weight, Melanie bounced back from it all! Stronger, feminine, joyful. Melanie is an uplifting soul to listen to. We also cover why it’s important to not be too good at what doesn’t strengthens you aka day job terrors and the body positivity scam. 

As per usual listen with headphones if around little ones or at work.. :-) and please welcome Melanie with a big warm heart.

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2. Be Bold. Pivot - Paula Mould

Be Bold. Pivot with Paula Mould

From having a successful tech company to pivoting as a prolific painter and author, Paula is wealth of practical knowledge, gold nuggets throughout!

We cover:

  • How to grab life without the overwhelm

  • The many different reasons we procrastinate 

  • Beat the imposter syndrome

  • Haters

  • Close shop or pivot? How to know the difference

  • Is business really not personal?

  • Multi passionate entrepreneur are you FOMO or Fear of Commitment?

Find Paula at: + + Medium

Get her book: Wake The F*ck Up! 

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Trailer for Pilot Season

Trailer for the pilot season of Too Old For This Sh*t.

A podcast on all the things I wish I’d been told at 18, and too old not to know any better.


Guests come on to talk about what we wish we’d been told at 18, and too old not to know any better.

Topics include: love, entrepreneurship, conflicts wih people, bouncing back, (good) sex, dating, mental health, standing up for ourselves and living our best real life.

Off limit topics, laughters and outspoken conversations all welcome here!

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