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2. Be Bold. Pivot - Paula Mould

Be Bold. Pivot with Paula Mould

From having a successful tech company to pivoting as a prolific painter and author, Paula is wealth of practical knowledge, gold nuggets throughout!

We cover:

  • How to grab life without the overwhelm

  • The many different reasons we procrastinate 

  • Beat the imposter syndrome

  • Haters

  • Close shop or pivot? How to know the difference

  • Is business really not personal?

  • Multi passionate entrepreneur are you FOMO or Fear of Commitment?

Find Paula at: + + Medium

Get her book: Wake The F*ck Up! 

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Trailer for Pilot Season

Trailer for the pilot season of Too Old For This Sh*t.

A podcast on all the things I wish I’d been told at 18, and too old not to know any better.


Guests come on to talk about what we wish we’d been told at 18, and too old not to know any better.

Topics include: love, entrepreneurship, conflicts wih people, bouncing back, (good) sex, dating, mental health, standing up for ourselves and living our best real life.

Off limit topics, laughters and outspoken conversations all welcome here!

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