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4. It's Not Me, It's You - Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

It’s not me, it’s you. An episode on conflict resolutions with Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

An Artist and Organisational Psychologist, Clarissa goes into why we enter conflict and why blabbering to your boss is a manipulative move we need to get out of. 

  • Why we never left the playground when in conflicts + how to unlearn those behaviours 

  • Why we enter conflicts + how to solve them

  • Being boss vs employee and how to juggle both, hello my fellow entrepreneurs!

  • Interpretation is everything, perception is your reality - Be curious not furious 

  • How to have the hard conversations. 

  • It’s not me, it’s you

  • On the spot round of conflicts that Clarissa solves for me live on the call so we don’t say “I’m fine” or “bitch plezz” or “back off b*tch!” no more...don’t be shocked, girl I see you!

  • Why coddling is disgusting

  • One sure way to know who you can trust

Book recommendations from Clarissa:  

Center for Creative Leadership which covers SBI

Come find Clarisa on insta @ccr_sunshine 

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Facebook page: Clarissa Ramsey Studio

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