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5. Lessons Learned in Celibacy - Safiya Robinson

Dentist and author, Safiya, is celibate and a free spirit at heart. What I thought was going to be purely about sex and celibacy, evolved into a much deeper topic.

We discuss:

  • How Safiya choose celibacy. Was she going around having bad sex and gave up? 

  • Does she date and how it works?

  • The difference between choosing it for you vs your beliefs.

  • How sex positivity isn’t always helpful. 

  • Free choice and don’t look to others to validate it

  • Marching to your own drum. Take ownership of your feelings, beliefs and body. 

  • Ask for what you want.

  • What is intimacy and are we settling for mediocre sex instead?

  • From believing no one could ever love me, to hell yeah, bring on the love! 

  • Why quirks are the best in love

  • Keeping it simple, not wasting energy on things that may never happen. 

  • Safyia’s take on expectations. 

  • I reveal why I’m so passionate about health and why I chose it as a business.

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