Yours in health, inappropriately

Cheers to imperfection!

If you'd like to understand a little bit more about my philosophy (why I do this, how it works, and what you can expect), then read on!

vertical -The "why".

Why do you do this?

I created this site to empower women with their health and skincare decisions, my *spin* is using humour and keeping it real. The reason that rocks me is because I believe in challenging the status quo and bringing joy.

What do you stand for?

  • I speak to grown ups. You make your own life decisions (= no judgement). I give you the how-to and a kick up the butt.

  • The body can survive famine, cancer, etc. So if you didn’t have time for your smoothie this morning, you will be A-OK

  • Because of my adventures; health trials and tribulations I want to make sure you get the info you need for your life choices: drinking, meat-eating, going vegan, etc.


vertical -The "what"...

Are you going to preach me what to do?

Everyone is always busy doing just that, and I believe no one REALLY knows all the answers. I refuse to be bullied into a certain lifestyle (such as vegan, carnivore, omnivore, raw-foodist, etc, just because they want to make me feel inferior if I don’t). Vegan is better for certain health conditions, in the same way that meat is better for others, and I could go on with many more different lifestyles, there isn't one fits all diet.

You need to do you, and do YOU well, so YOU decide what you want and then I give you tools that you can use to achieve it. So, if you’re vegan, I give you the B12/Enzyme solution (+ more). If you eat meat, then I give you the alkalizing tools. If you drink, I give you the detox tools and so on.


vertical -The "how"...

So... you’re super easy going & I can do whatever I want?

No, I keep it fun but I call a spade a spade. I won’t insult you by patronising you and wearing kitten mittens. I am flexible but draw the line at home to:

  • No junk food (don't worry, you can still have snacks)
  • Certain meat sources and non-organic milk (for the antibiotics & hormones) not worth doing that to yourself (a bit like G-strings)
  • DISCLAIMER: Love kittens, puppies, anything new basically, so feel free to send me videos of yours if it's cute, which OF COURSE it is.

Do I need to let go off all the fun stuff?

LOVE THAT QUESTION! And, No! You’re not a serial killer because you have a (bad) habit :)

Let’s keep perspective. Most of us HUMANS have the Good & Bad Girl Personas (I sure do). Wine. Sun. Chocolate. All delicious. None, give smooth, glowing skin and a rock solid digestive system. Wine can even give morning after terrors. Sucks, right?

So, it’s finding out how to balance the delicious with the doable tidbits so that you get to enjoy life without having to pay the full whack for it in wrinkles and fatigue. It’s different for everyone; you have to learn what your body needs.

Let’s age gracefully, NOT rot.

Let's have fun and laugh at ourselves from time to time! Let's talk about what no one else in the health industry likes to admit to: Drinking, wanting to smoke again (and again), period problems, random chin hairs, and all the other wonders of an ageing body.


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