Yours in health, inappropriately

Cosmo teaches you tricks for the bedroom, I teach you trick for your HEALTH & SKIN.

90 minutes where you get my devoted attention and get clearer and more sassy on how to make health + skincare work for YOU!

Whether you’re approaching your dirty 30s, or on your way out of them...

Things are constantly shifting and changing (and not in a good way)....

  • Your hair is not YOUR hair anymore.

  • You thought you grew out of pimples? Oh even get back-ne now... fun!

  • Seems like with each egg you lose, your nails look more and more depressed.

  • Hangovers last longer than your last fling (and leave you looking like you haven't slept in 10 years).

  • Now you REALLY have to care about oral (I meant filthy mind!).

  • Even your snootch is changing (yes, I know I’m a grown woman but let’s not get censored on the WWW just yet...).

  • Your SKIN, is not the same, you feel it’s sagging (or fear it will tomorrow).

  • You intend to detox but too busy to be wiped out for a week (and with PMS you don’t need others to have more reasons to belittle your legitimate tantrums).

  • Vegan...if B is doing it, must be good for EVERYbody, right?


And aside from ALL the physical changes, you have more responsibility, less time and not sure how to fit YOU in?

This is THE coaching that fits into YOUR lifestyle–not the other way around.



Why? It’s important that we can work together:

  1. I need to see that you’re coachable & make sure I can help you.

  2. You probably want to meet to make sure I’m real and not just words on a page 😉 before giving me your money.


All our sessions are done via Zoom but can also do Skype or Google Hangout


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you walk into Boots/Sephora/Paris XL or la pharmacie by all the promises, odd names and acronyms? HLA, GLA, AHA, BHA, serum, gel, lotion, potion, anti-ageing, nourishing, hydrating, moisturising…wondering what’s the difference?

Do you feel deflated when it comes to grocery shopping for the week at the supermarket, I mean what are those influencers doing now, was it keto, low fat, low sugar or just plainly the no fun diet of the week.

Worse still are the health food stores…. I like those buggers but damn they’re expensive and have even more confusing names like activated, dehydrated only to be rehydrated again (isn’t it fair to think: if not travelling into space what’s their point?), acai, goji, mushrooms (not the magic kind either), diva cup, mooncup, organic tampons and I could go on.

Well, if that’s you then I’m very happy to welcome you to the world of keeping it SIMPLE…


Success story

Nandita Testimonial.

Nandita Narayan

Business Owner + Digital Marketer at

Angie is awesome! I didn’t want to take any more antibiotics for my bacne and really didn’t know how else to keep it under control, ‘cause I had tried it all. But nothing worked!

Then one call with Angie made it clear to me that I’ve lived most of my adult life using products that were not helping me with my condition. I had quite a few 'Aha' moments. She has a lot to offer. She was able to clearly explain exactly what steps to take to get to the root of the problem.

What impressed me the most about Angie was that she walks the talk. She practices what she preaches. One hour with Angie and weeks later I still tap into the value packed session and can see how my perspective on so many things have changed (just after one call). If you are looking to lead a healthier & cleaner life, Angie’s your girl!



I know what you're thinking:

"I want to be healthy but it’s hard work and time consuming."

"I don’t have the discipline to be healthy or enough time for self care."

"The price of health foods is insane! I mean Whole-paycheck, amIright?"

"I want to look young but should I eat goji berries, acai, wheatgrass...WHAT?!!....Urgh, I don’t know...gosh, I really need a glass of wine now."

"The 'one rule for everyone' is really annoying because I’m NOT everyone."

"I want healthy, delicious and easy-to-prep food that doesn't take an hour to make and a week to shop for."


I get it, I’ve been there: running from one specialist to the next, researching online, testing stuff out.

Did I mention, the long list of what to eat (or not) and what to use (or not) for my skin? I didn’t know where to start or how to make it all fit together AND still have a life (a girl's gotta work and still see her friends). Not to mention worrying about ALL the money I would need to be able to buy all that stuff for my health.

Sound familiar?

It’s overwhelming. You beat yourself up. You’re no further along cuz you’re paralysed with overwhelm and now you feel less than. Well, let me tell you lady, there is no need to feel this overwhelm, I got you!


There are ways to fit health + skincare around your life (and your wallet) not the other way around.

You don’t have to be a celebrity, billionaire or vegan living on a mountain top to be healthy and have good skin. You can have your wine AND your glow and not have to be 100% perfect all the time. I mean who the f*ck can these days?


Introducing my customised

1:1 coaching

It isn’t just about good skin + health. It’s about empowering women (like you) make informed decisions about your wellness. Whether you decided that you want to eat meat, just greens, or party hard, I speak to grown-ups. You make your own life decisions (= no judgment) and I give you the how-to (and sometimes a kick up the butt).

In our private sessions you’ll have access to my 20+ years expereince of chasing the rainbow of longevity + my undivided attention. We keep the sessions practical, customised to you and fun. After all, this isn’t to make you more overwhelmed. Plus I'm here for you with email support where you can ask questions in between our sessions.



By the end of your private session, you’ll be able to…

(depending on what topic we cover)

  • Learn to better recognise root causes of skin problems, which could both be internal and external.
  • Make informed decisions and feel empowered to create your own personalized skincare plan.
  • Learn what to do before and after you’ve been bad (aka drinking & smoking into the wee hours).
  • Enjoy eating healthy foods by creating a simple system that doesn't take hours.
  • Make informed decisions around food and diet marketing (learn to trust your gut).
  • Learn what foods you may need according to your state of mind (and more).
  • Learn how to make posh health foods without buying weird & expensive kitchen equipment.
  • Learn how to make good food on the go (for work and travel and anytime you're running late).
  • Find out how to make healthy = tasty (not like cardboard or medicine).
  • Learn a few practical prevention methods to protect your immune system from sabotage.
  • Have a few go-to remedies on hand for colds (and even things like bronchitis).
  • Learn tips for making peace with your digestive system (after all it’s a major component of your immunity).
  • Learn different detoxes from very doable (meaning you can work at the same time!) to more challenging ones.
  • Get clearer on what your current body constitution is (meaning what do YOU need most to be at your best: meat, rice, fat, vegetables...?)
  • Build a more robust and vibrant health using consistent, natural remedies (that won't break the bank).

Success story

Jenn Whinnem

Jenn Whinnem

Creative Director at Obsession Eleven

My face is SO glad I met Angie.

I have cystic fibrosis and for the past several years I’ve been taking a gene therapy which has been awesome for my lungs, but hell for my face. My facial skin became dry to the point of roughness.

It didn’t matter how much moisturizer I put on, either. I felt ugly and sad. But, I hesitated to seek help because most “experts” didn’t understand how all the different pieces (cystic fibrosis, gene therapy, aging, etc) fit together so they gave me confusing and unhelpful advice. Enter: Angie. Instead of confusing me with 100 brands I simply MUST buy, or impossible-to-follow diet recommendations, she made it simple. She recommended just one topical treatment for me to add to my skincare regimen. And, she gave me some recipes to help me get more of certain nutrients in my diet.

A few weeks later and my skin is soft, smooth, and YOUNG again! I’m eternally grateful I met Angie. An added bonus of working with Angie is that she is funny. If you receive her newsletters (if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?!) you know that she makes you laugh while handing down knowledge. Well she’s even funnier in person. All that laughing is good for my face and skin too.

Bad Girl Angie S

I like what you're dishing out. Where can I get some?

So you're ready to get off the wellness-trend bandwagon and get a realistic plan for your health & skincare?



Success stories


Heather Craik

Business Owner + Wordpress Wizard at designmancy

It’s so easy to get tangled up and forget that your own health is important, especially after having a kid, but it’s proved to be one of the best things I  could do. After a couple of sessions with Angie I noticed I had more energy, and it was easier to get moving, and keep moving, even on low sleep ( which is major when you have a toddler who doesn't’)

I suffer from skin issues which gets very itchy in the winter and one day after a couple of sessions with Angie, I left the house without remembering to take my antihistamine, got home and the itchiness was barely noticeable which is AMAZING compared to before! I still need to take antihistamines but not every day. Which is beyond fantastic.

Given the logistics of being a single mom and running my own business, it was important that we stuck with simple things, so I love that we did just that.

The video calls were a lot of fun, very informative, and Angie clearly knows her stuff because any time I derailed her, she was still able to answer the question or knew where to look.

I don’t know what Angie did to me but she comes with delightful side effects, having her around was like giving myself permission to care again, on my appearances and eating the right foods, am even less grumpy come dinner time. It’s a big deal and am very happy I made the step to book the sessions.

Just knowing there was someone there I could talk to about health stuff meant I made better choices in the grocery store, and in deciding what to make for lunches and snacks. 

This has been one of the best thing I’ve done for my energy levels, productivity and general sense of wellbeing. Thank you!

Sarah Samuel Testimonial

Sarah Samuel

Project Manager, Google

Angie helped me so much, I was diagnosed with vasculitis, it’s a life changing condition, which left me feeling depressed and anti-social. Angie took it upon herself to learn about my rare and complex condition.

Angie was very good at working around my needs and helped me how to better understand a few things within my medical care and to set some important priorities in my healing journey and beyond.

She gave me the boost I needed to eat healthier! You are what you eat after all!

The video calls were fun and personable, too.

I learned a lot about nutrition, Angie is very helpful and insightful. She created a well thought out plan for me to follow. She even used her contacts to get more information on Neuropsychology so I could have tools to empower myself in my rehabilitation. You can tell she cares, is knowledgeable and is amazing at making something potentially complicated, easy to understand.

I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Angie!



Paul Constantinou Photo

Paul Constantinou 

Nutritional Coach 

Angie is is very clued up & passionate about nutrition but that’s not why you will go to her. Her unique ability is in creating simplicity out of the most complex things. Her strategies are like a formula put into easy, digestible steps.

She walks her talk and comes from a place of experience, sharing what she knows from small tips that create huge changes.

She is selfless in her mission to empower others; very strong at adapting herself to each of her clients. Her creative energy makes it so that she doesn’t just listen to you but has an innate understanding of what your needs are and helps transform what doesn’t serve you.

I am confident that having Angie in your corner will create a change in you, which you didn’t expect. I have had the joy to observe her as a friend over the years and I’m very happy to have her in my life and network.




Overall score of 94%

Overall score of 94%

Overall score of 93%

Overall score of 93%

Overall score of 90%

Overall score of 90%

Overall score of 89%

Overall score of 89%


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