You're Body isn't a Trend, it's for LIFE


Mess with my head diets


Keto....Paleo....Atkins....Beach diet....Vegan....Vegetarian




DON’T: Do. Eat. Not eat something  


JUST because it's trendy. ⠀


Use your sass & ask questions.  ⠀


Learn to feel your body and what makes sense for it.


It will most likely be different from your mate or neighbour.


Had any experience with the trendy mosh pit and not sure where to start?


Hit contact (bottom of this page), I wanna know


If you're in the mood for it, I will help you START detangling this whole mess, NOT in a do this diet but help you find ways to get in tune with your body. Won't tell you what to choose, enough of those around!


And THAT's as woo woo as I will get today 💋


Till next time 😃