Best Hangover Cure

Wine isn’t good for me. Really?

I don’t need more posts on why wine makes me stupid, is bad or shorten my lifespan......and I’m sorry to hear it, I really am but I’m not drinking it as a supplement...

I still have to meet that one person who drinks wine because
‘Oh, well if one glass is good for me, think of what the bottle will do’ 😉 Ja, radida, like that’s what we think...

None of us think it will make us smarter, fitter (wish)

We all know what we're in for: Take the edge off, loosen up, be naughty, mischievous, whatevs. Do YOU right?

In short, we don't have wine for the same reason we take protein shakes BUT I’ll say this, a shake can save you the morning after...see below on how to undo some of the wrongs you did last night.

To be straight with you, here’s my eye-glaze inducing disclaimer: I’m not encouraging drinking irresponsibly, I am merely acknowledging most of us aren’t angels/unicorns/mermaids 😘😉 and I really don’t wish to be mermaid, bad hair day everyday? No, thanks

Here it goes....The Best Hangover Cure

a) HOT LEMON WATER...after coffee (obviously) talking coffee, a good tip is to have a filtered coffee before you go to bed, cuts my hangovers in’re welcome!
b)  HERBAL TEA for liver aka liver cleanser if you can stomach it! I do cuz, the goodness I reap from it is so worth it!
c)  SMOOTHIE you can go several routes on those. The idea is to get goodness in you, easily absorbed (and it’s teeth optional) here’s the lowdown................

Smoothie must haves:
1) (Virgin) Liquid (NON-alcoholic, ain’t a Marguerita we’re making!)
How much: 2 cups
2) Supplement (of some kind)
How much: However much it said on the box it came in
3) Food (to help absorb it)
How much: 1 small handful
1) Water or Milk or Veggie Milk or Kefir or Coffee (add MCT if you want extra caffeine benefits without the jitters...that’s a post in itself for another time)
2) Powder....the Protein kind. Current favourites are Whey + Collagen - get collagen to keep that plumpness in your face and save yourself a visit to the surgeon!
3) Frozen (Blue)berries or Green stuff: Iceberg/Romaine lettuce/kale (it’s a no for kale if you have thyroid issues + kale is healthier when cooked...only saying)
If you go green add some Lemon juice to cut off the grazing feeling
How much:  Half a lemon will do

THAT’S IT. Hit all those points & You Got It!!  

If you fancy, build on that for extra luxury with...
Smoothie nice to have luxuries:
1) Virgin + Organic  Oils -  good oil (not lard. not frying oils!) I like flaxseed = linseed/sesame/olive/avocado/safflower/evening primrose oil/pumpkin...etc you get the idea.
2) For thickness (after all we are making a smoothie): all of those do the job: Banana/Mango/Chia Seeds (ground or soaked overnight - if not you ain’t absorbing it, and watch all your dollars go down the drain)
3) Green stuff: My current favourite is nettle seeds, I grind them for absorption. Why? Don’t like seeds stuck in my teeth  + I don’t believe I can chew passed the shell nor does the human  stomach have enough acids to grind it. Otherwise, there’s still Barley Grass Powders, Spirulina, Wheat Grass powders and so on, BUT do check what you need before chucking those green powders down.

There’s plenty more smoothie options where this came from, keep that in mind if ever want to take the leap.

Angie S
Yours In Health. Inappropriately