How I looked like with acne and overweight

my late 20's were what most would consider VERY healthy; the "cool trendy" way...

  • From tampon to sunblock, organic EVERYTHING

  • Vegetarian - but vegan at home.

  • Sugarphobe

This 'cool trendy' way, wasn't all it was cracked up to it turned out

The organic bit wasn't the problem, but my obsession to everything ‘clean’ was.


On top of still seeing myself as the ugly big duckling, [the big part] started at 19 and yo-yo'd way into my late 20's...keep reading to see the picture.  

The one thing that was my thing, had now at 27  given up on me: my previously smooth skin was now sporting acne, wtf?! (and eczema on my legs a few years earlier)

Left 27: taken on a good day...check out the ‘glow’ 😉  

Right 40: no make-up on the skin, just mascara and eyebrow pencil 👇

Acne before and after

I admit, many have it a lot worse than me when it comes to skin conditions and yo-yo weight.

But what I’m trying to say is:

  • My skin didn’t always look like this, I managed to mess it up.

  • Genetics isn’t the whole picture, it’s a small portion.

What now?

  • It still flares up from time to time but NOW I know what to do, that’s the difference, and so will you! [See end of email for how or click here if you can't wait!]

  • I’ve learned to give my body what it needs

  • I don’t follow trends blindly, anymore

  • I customise because our  body changes all the time - stubbornness doesn’t only stifle your relationships. Wanna be right or  healthy?!

Others too:

Ain’t just me, you can find tons of data out there on how restrictive diets can be harmful.

My nutritionist friend is still, years later, working on reversing the bad he caused his body by being a raw foodist for too long whilst living in London!

The London part is important: raw is best done in hot, dry climates with highly nutrient rich soil.

What about weight?

  • I don’t make myself suffer over food anymore.

  • Don’t starve, don’t do crazy diets and am better at not stuffing myself when bored (not 100% there but much better and that's already good, imo)

I’m not a weight loss expert, but if you want to know why l always eat full fat and how I exercise, I’ll make a post on it soon!


I love my 1:1 clients. And yet, I want to be able to help more people navigate the sea of marketing nonsense  & figure out how to make health & skincare work for THEM. That’s why I’m doing a LIVE group class – so I can help more people. And the best part for you is, you’ll pay a fraction of what my 1:1 clients pay. (It means a bit more legwork for you, but, I believe in you girl. If you’re motivated you’ll be the one telling the beauty counter & health ‘gurus’ where it’s at!)

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P.S: Oops, almost forgot...pix of my bigger days👇 check out those knees 😉 and oh, was I bloated ALL the time!

weight befoe after.JPG

It's never too late to turn sh*t around 💖