Too Old For This Sh*t?

How are you? Happy Friday! Not my usual Wednesday spot but have a fun, new (and free) little show I want to share with you.

It began as a cliché

I woke up a Sunday morning in December 2018, bleak London morning which I didn’t mind as that’s exactly how I felt inside, after being dumped by the hot guy (that’s how we call him now) nothing adds to feeling low than a sunny day when you’re all morose inside, I like the weather to match my mood, makes me feel like I fit in with nature.

So like every morning, went to the bathroom, then looked at myself in the mirror and but this time I said: “I’m too old for this sh*t!

Sounds familiar? Most probably from a movie, right? To me, it’s a line my friend Rebecca and I have been saying for the last few years, whilst giggling in our overpriced bland vodka soda at the club with no (appropriate) talent in sight or trying on clothes at H&M, thinking price doesn’t really matter, turns out it does, if you want nice clothes.

What changed?

Well that morning those few words rang truer than usual and I was pissed, like pissed OFF, I didn’t know what I know now, SOONER.

The landscape of my 20s would have looked very different, if someone had given me the heads up at circa 18 to now ...!

And you know what? It’s ok, because I want to do something about it, and I can, so I did and went down to business, not down like that 😊, but the business of podcasting.

What’s it about?

Funny outspoken podcast on sex, dating, health, relationships and misfits.

Most important takeaway:

Off limit topics, laughters and outspoken conversations all welcome here!

(but you already knew that, wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t 😉)

It's not replacing the existing side of Angie S

Don’t worry I haven’t become a hipster that wears Channel ironically but H&M on the other hand...

I’m still your girl Angie S (more woman than girl now, virginity speaking and all), your health and skincare consultant, the podcast is a nice add-on where I can talk about health beyond food, skincare and meditation (still very important and passionate about those), 

Little heads up

If you decide to click  and listen to it, you will get to know me a bit more than you bargained for, but if you dare... click...go on, click...

It’s available everywhere podcast-y +

You can dip your toes with the 2 trailers from the pilot season👇

or come find it at  for more links

For now

You'll find the pilot season, am recording new episodes that I want to release weekly on Monday mornings.

// If you like it PLEAZZZ subscribe to the podcast and if you love it please rate and review it, this will help this little show grow legs 💝

// If you don't do Apple Podcast, you can follow it on Spotify, like it or whichever the option your platform gives you, any form of love helps the show, thank YOU 💞

Big hug


P.S: the instagram handle for the podcast is: @toooldforthisshitpodcast  

P.P.S: What do you wish you knew at 18 & what sh*t are you too old for now? Let me know in the comments or send me an email by clicking the contact button.

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