How to get an all Year Glow and Tanned Complexion

The Bio Suntan


The Golden Glow



Want to get and stay golden for longer than the summer months?




Simple, eat more:

  • Vegetables

  • Juiced carrots (nice with ginger and apple)

  • Mangoes

  • Butternut squash



Apart from the obvious 'eye rolling 🙄': They're good for your health narrative...

They help you tan better & keep good skin complexion throughout the year. OH, YES!!!



What does it

Beta-carotene in orange coloured vegetables: carrots, butternut squash

& in dark leafy greens: kale, spinach, broccoli....You get the idea.


Need more reasons?

Their fibre content = good digestion = colon health = helps prevent colon cancer, no brainer!


Beta-carotene = Vitamin A

[if you have liver problems, you know not take vit A as a supplement and if real bad your doctor would have informed if you need to keep your hands off those carrots, give it to the pony...keep reading it’ll make sense 😉]


To the point

Have a plate of many colours, not just the hippies own that method [the Rainbow Spectrum...picturing my little pony jumping out of the fridge...the good old days]


It’s freaking scientific: Different colours in your food mean different minerals and vitamins.



Guaranteed better health, better skin and let’s not forget less constipation. [Constipation will defo give you a dull complexion]


That’s it for now!