Splif & Wine. FINE. Supermarket Vegetables KILL You...Wait WHAT??


Whilst he’s holding a spliff in one hand and a glass of wine in the other he’s telling me non organic vegetables will kill me...EXCUSE Me?!

We're ALL delusional + none of us are making sense.

You want to eat organic. Chemicals are bad for you. That’s cool.

You then go and use a strong chemical for your laundry which then goes straight on your skin. Look, that’s fine with me too. JUST don’t preach me when YOU’re holding a spliff and a glass of wine telling ME supermarket vegetables will KILL me.

Funny thing is, I love that guy and his girlfriend, they’re good friends of mine and super fun. They want to eat super clean for good health and they are (I know, I know he’s drinking and smoking, don’t tell him, he’s delusional)

Some of us want to do everything by the book: Organic, local, natural et cetera et cetera that's great, if you can, do it! But don't expect that’s right for everybody and you need to lay off the preaching.

Don’t feel less than, next time you’re faced with that (spliff or no spliff). Take the bits you can use. As you figured, they haven’t got it all figured out either. Pick the battles that matter to you. It may be natural cleaning product. Just dark chocolate. Vegetarian. Organic meat, no matter what. Decide what's yours and do it.

Do you have any similar stories? Like when someone tells you, you’re cruel for eating chicken whilst checking their iPhone....yeah, so what they’re saying is that they care more about chickens then child labour.  Moral high ground...?

What’s yours?