Should I be Vegan or Carnivore?

Some of those health 'gurus' are nothing more than your street corner dealer selling crack (maybe not your corner..?).

They sell a dream and you land a nightmare!

One of my pet peeves is when health & beauty messages are dressed up as Godspell

In reality, they’re no better than your street corner dealer selling crack, I don’t do hard drugs but some of those health & beauty ‘gurus’ may as well be and here’s why:

When everyone is trying to tell you to be vegan or a meat eater, let me tell you:

Each of those options are good but not for everyBODY.

For many different reasons but we’re all busy so I’ll pick one to make my point:

G  O U  T

Roll your eyes disclaimer 🙄 not questioning anyone’s religious, spiritual belief / culture, am not interested in changing any of that.  I used to be vegetarian partly for my beliefs. This email is for those who look into changing their diet for health, rejuvenating,  slimming or any other reasons but luxury of choice is key here. Ok, you get it

This is based on empirical facts so you’re informed when you have the luxury to make those kind of health decisions.

BACK TO GOUT: meat, alcohol and seafood have purine. (which is food DNA…I know craaaazy, if you really want a mind blowing talk on that I can do it another time, but it’s crazy, food has DNA)

When eaten the purine in your food ultimately gets broken down into uric acids.

If you have too much uric acid in your system you are at a higher risk of Gout

Caused by either:

  • Too much uric acid being produced → meat fests and boozy nights, anyone?  

  • Your kidneys are not doing their job in giving it the boot.

Both are bad and nasty motherfuckers, traffic jam ensues and you end up with an inflamed joint and a killer pain served for breakfast called

G  O U  T

That pain is so bad, the pleasure from a fillet mignon with a Rioja pales in comparison, that’s why they’re (more) willing to let go of the Rioja  even if it means:

  • Less of a variety of nutrients, and again it will depend how their body metabolises plant based iron vs meat based iron (which is a different convo all together) 

  • Hair loss

  • Popping more pills aka supplements - not the hard drugs 😉


  • ❗It's about priorities, not moral high ground❗

On the other hand I need meat, some of us DO better on it.

I was vegetarian for years, and mainly vegan when cooking for myself.

Back then, I didn’t know, I’d pay for it a few years down the line:

  1. Low iron storage aka SERUM FERRITIN not the iron level from your general blood count.

  2. Predisposition for hair loss

  3. My body works best on animal based iron, and yes, there’s a difference +  not all of us can cope with cabbage based iron, not even taking the farts into consideration.

In short that was one example out of many as to why being a meat eater or a vegan is not a one-diet- fits- all, nonsense.

So when someone tries to convert everyone else around them because going 100% plant based or being a carnivore changed their life is:

  1. Just as funny as meat eaters mocking vegans

  2. Ignorant

  3. Irresponsible

Without a doubt, I believe they changed their life around, but it is not to say it’ll change everyone else’s life around, too. In fact, it could make it worse.

It’s important to look at why it feels better for them...

You need to know how your body works, to give it what it needs.

At the end of the day:

  • No one has all the answers, defo don’t -  I’m not gifted or touched that way.

  • Even science still doesn’t know all there is to know about the body & same goes for the alternative industry

A lot can be driven by emotional decisions or peer pressure in the same way we can be pressured to eat meat and drink alcohol by our friends and dearest.    

I’m just presenting you with some facts and  you do with it what you will, I think the main thing is to be informed.

P.S: Anyone ever made you feel bad for eating cabbage or steak? Tell me and I'll show them what's what. How dare they messing with you 😈!

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