Scratch That Itch. Too Lazy To Do It Yourself?


Many of us have one

If you’re like me you’ve just been staring at it whilst it’s gathering dust.

Seemed like a good idea at the time but then again someone else was using it on you for ‘demo’ purposes.


BUT NOW I’ve dusted that baby off ever since I realised it doubles up as:

A hair scalp stimulator which means increased blood flow to the hair  which means  healthier hair growth.

I’m in, and you know why, especially if you’ve been getting my emails for awhile, I started losing my hair a few years ago and came to a climax in 2015. That story is for another time. So you bet I’m using that every night after brushing my teeth AND it  sends tingles down my spine, so that’s a double whammy right there!


Hair Scalp Massager

Ok, I admit the subject line implied something a lot more exciting but hey as a singleton I take my pleasures where I can :) .... right ladies?