...it's a yes from Harvard!


A quick very self-indulging announcement (sorry) but want to share this HUGE news! 

This means so much to me, I was crying of joy and relief for two days in a row that my face turned into a muffin, I was a big PUFF and for once this was a puffy face I was proud to sport:

  • First, it wasn’t booze induced so that’s a plus.

  • No face masks would have saved this muffin anyway.

  • Had no dates so all good in the hood 😉

Happy beyond words! Not only did I get accepted but Harvard made a big gesture of generosity which:

+ Put my faith back into the education system, the future of our younger generations and the not so young (like me) who wish to keep on learning

+ Turns out, not just the elite have access to that level of education…!


I was blown away and relieved to see that to learn:

  • We don’t all have to be wealthy (not h*ting, just stating 💋)

  • Have made a gazillion dollars from a new app (not as easy as they make it sound 😓)

Ten weeks of intense learning in the fundamentals of Immunology, Physiology, Genetics and Biochemistry, can't wait to absorb all that knowledge!  


Won’t make me a doctor (obviously🤪) but am so passionate about medicine, the body and health, I can't wait to get started

What does this means for you?

Nothing changes business wise, this is to top up on my knowledge 🎓, if anything, this will add value to what I'm already providing for my clients 💖


To extend this good karma, I am giving away ONE package for free (Four 1:1 coaching calls  to get it free book me via this link) for a new client. Why one?  

That’s all, I’ll have time for during this time of study and I won’t be taking on any paying clients until mid-June 2018 (you can reserve ahead of time, if so, hit contact at the bottom of the page, and let's sort something out).

Charity (10% corporate donation)

My big thing is helping those vulnerable who sleep rough, any gender and ages. There are only so many sandwiches I can make, coffees I can buy, change I can give so my intention from the beginning was always to find a charity for corporate donations that actively helps rough sleepers get out of that vicious circle - not 'solely' providing meals  (let me be clear THOSE providing meals are VERY needed and relevant. What I'm about is breaking viscious circles and habits so I want to support a charity that does that for rough sleepers)

I’ve never been in their shoes but it’s something I’ve always felt strongly about and quite ashamed that I couldn’t do more to help and annoyed that I'm clueless as what to do to help.


In that vein, I’ve been searching long and hard to find a charity I align with for corporate donations and hopefully, I’m getting closer to make an announcement of which one it will be!

No final decisions have been made yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know (you know the drill, hit contact at the bottom of the page 😊)

To always keeping hope/ faith/persistence whichever word fits your belief best 🥂

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