You’re a Car. Analogy on Detox vs Eating

I Love Analogies So Here’s One To Sum Up Detox vs Eating:

Car engine vs Human body - same same but different.

Car needs petrol  - We need food

Petrol turns into fuel - Food turns into energy

Petrol burns in the engine - We digest (acids/heat/enzymes)

Petrol turns into fumes - We exhale carbon dioxide + poo

Car engine needs cleaning - We detox

Then both need good fuel again... Car needs good petrol - we good food

You get the idea!  

You can't just keep piling up food in your body, the same way you can't just detox all the time - both would end in a dysfunctioning engine.

So when you feel it's time to reset your body/giving it a break: detox and then fill it up with good fuel

Food is NOT the enemy  - Running your body without considering what it needs is.

You wouldn't do that to your car so why do it to yourself...?

Angie S.

Yours In Health. Inappropriately