How To Have A Youthful And Plump Skin In Three Easy Steps

Sans Botox and Fillers

Let’s talk: HOW TO KEEP A YOUTHFUL SKIN -  it’s important


[Not just for my fellow human who like me still need to ‘trap’ that lucky human 😉 - and let's say it like it is: It’s the wild west out here!]


Anyway, am sure even with a partner we still feel some pressure to keep up with that side of things or maybe work is the culprit, whichever your reason, I got you!




It’s all about preventative measures. you have to think of the long game.

[just like dating, oops, did it again 😉 clearly a topic I NEVER think about...]


Let me give you some context so the 3 steps make more sense:

In the magazines young women and men are putting all this makeup on, having botox and fillers before they’re 30, even 20 and defo before 40; creating a lot of damage to themselves without even realising it, all to look like a celebrity or insta model.


The damage is not just down to the toxins in the botox and fillers.

EVEN if you opt for a more natural option, the damage created is still there:

The skin’s elasticity’s becoming more loose with those repeated injections.


A quick blow out, then it deflates, after a few times, it can quickly turn into a catch 22 and people have to keep going back for more injections....

Before you know it when done badly or to an extreme, they, AT BEST looked way better before the procedures.

What's the real trick to looking younger?

What do a young person, baby and someone using botox and fillers all have in common?

A fuller face. The plump look

[like a ripe tomato; no botox or filler is trying to make you look slim, they go for the plumper look]

The natural plump look is what you get from your collagen and skin's elasticity but they both decrease with time and this is where my 3 steps come in:


Step 1: Collagen

If I went to a desert island, and I could only take one supplement with me, it’d be Collagen Powder from Planet Paleo. [not an affiliate link - sharing it because I truly love this product, yes, independence is ’Oh, so amazing’ 🙄]


  • It’s food based = easier for our body to recognise and absorb --> EXACTLY what you want when you take a supplement.

  • Convenient: Add to your food (I put it in my morning smoothie.)

The nice side effects: hair, nails and skin

(when using their Primal Goddess range)

: : My nails used to:

  1. Split into layers

  2. Be softies

  3. Grow so slooooowly

: : My nails now:

  1. Don’t split anymore

  2. Are hard

  3. Make me play catch up with the nail file


: : Hair

  1. Better consistency and shinier.


: : Skin

It makes your skin look nicer because it promotes skin elasticity aka firm vs sagging. I don’t yet have that problem so I can’t sit here and tell you, “Yeah, I look 10 years younger since taking it” BUT everything I’ve done thus far for my health has been preventative.

I use this collagen as a preventative measure and have seen the improvement in my nails and hair so I have no doubt it’s helping my skin’s elasticity too, hello ripe tomato!


If you don’t want to take a collagen supplement, EAT it as Bone Broth:

Few options to suit different tastes

Step 2: Hot lemon water

This one is super simple & cheap [turned on, yet?]

  • Hot lemon water - from a real lemon, please!

  • Don’t get the thing from the bottle in the shop.

  • Get it as fresh as possible.

  • Lemons are cheap and last a while so don’t cut corners here - I’m strict on that point.


How to:

  1. First roll your lemon. You want the juice to move away from the peel into the centre of the lemon, makes for a more juicy lemon.

  2. Slice it, use a wedge or squeeze half a lemon into freshly boiled water.

  3. If you use a wedge, squeeze it a bit so you get a bit more lemon in the water


Add one of these (Optional):

  1. Honey

  2. Stevia

  3. Just no artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sugar (→ it’s a healthy start here)



Get things moving = helps your energy levels and glow [remember how constipation will defo give you a dull complexion]


TWO Variations:

  • Simplified

If you don’t like lemon, you can also just have hot water (boiled not hot from the tap)

Aids clear out the junk and gently wakes up your system.


As an aside hot water is great after a meal you find hard to digest.

Sip on it slowly; a few sips or the whole cup, up to you.

Great after fasting too, when you’re eating your first meal.

Remember to sip, you don’t want to flush your system when you eat.


  • On steroid:

The Morning Detox Drink

  1. Hot water

  2. Lemon (half)

  3. Honey (1 tsp)

  4. Cayenne powder

  5. Apple cider vinegar (2 tsp)--> I normally can’t stand the taste but weirdly enough in that mix its good. Let me know your thoughts when you try it.


Cayenne powder the amount is personal and depends on the brand you buy. They have different strengths over here and they don’t send a memo round or put a sticky note on it to warn you so go slow!


Step 3: Good fats - Help the plump look and glow.

  • Nuts

  • Avocado

  • Fatty fish

  • Chicken

  • Virgin cold pressed oils.

Anything in your diet that gives you some good fats, helps you plump from within. The currently ONLY way to properly plump without damaging yourself like those fillers and botox.


Try those three things for a few weeks and you should see a difference on your skin and if you use the collagen maybe even your hair & nails.


Let me know in the comments below how you get on!