Good Face Hair. All Face Hair Aren't Born Equal

Good Face Hair


Tache and goatee for women is not as hot as full lashes and full brows

Want better eyelashes & eyebrows?  Simple.

To care for those use CASTOR OIL. No need to buy anything fancy (aka expensive)

I buy mine online. It’s organic. May as well since the price difference is tiny + it’s near your eyes so you want to be careful with what goes near that area.

How to apply it:

Before bed, after you wash and dry your face.  

Put a tiny drop on your finger. (you don’t want so much on, it goes into your eyes!)

Dab it on both eyebrows.

With the leftover on the tip of your fingers, draw a thin line above your top eyelashes.

Et voilà!

If you want to be  a bit fancy, you can buy a decanter bottle with a pump, I get mine from the home accessory store:


Castor Oil

What else can you do it with it?

I use it as my Plan B ‘lip balm’, it’s already in a convenient little bottle, easy to have in my handbag.