Easy. Healthy. Lazy. Sunday Tip

Drink water, HA….who doesn’t know this?! BUT if you drink a lot you can wash out your electrolytes in the process.

Remember what you drank as a kid when sunstroked?

My school gave us Fanta with salt to rehydrate. Sounds counterintuitive but when you lose your electrolytes, you feel ill and dehydrated.

So the SALT helps you retain more water + not wash off your minerals = GOOD!


  • Add a pinch of salt to your bottled water (Pink, celtic or sea salt - not the refined one or I’ll e-slap your wrist!)

  • To jazz it up, I sometimes use MSM (organic sulfur compound) instead. No I don’t have arthritis ;) BUT it’s still great for loads of things. Get the food based MSM (not synthetic) Why? This way your body recognises it better so you have a better chance to absorb it, instead of feeding John…

Always check personal conditions (heart, allergies etc before implementing what I or ANYBODY else tells you is hot, respect your body!)


Angie S 💋

Yours In Health. Inappropriately