Drink That Dirty Water!

Dirty As In Wastewater. Say whaaat???????

Simply put. When you boil or steam your veggies (including potatoes). The water you usually drain before serving is FILLED with GOODNESS. In more professional terms, you’re missing out on GRATIS electrolytes!

So Drink it.  Feels like you’re pouring health down your throat. Lick your lips, please!

If you think: ‘Yak, sounds gross’ Maybe you need to add better spices in your cooking water. Personally, I like Miso Paste, garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper in the mix. Vegetable stock powder if I feel fancy.

What, you thought I made vegetable stock from scratch for each meal? Girl please, you crazy!

Tell me what you put in yours to make it delicious!

Angie S

Yours In Health. Inappropriately