Detox? Who’s Got Time? Part 2

Detox. Who’s got time? Part 2

In case you haven’t read: Detox? Who’s Got Time?! Part 1, what are you doing here? Go read it now! Only kidding, humbled to have you here.

Detox: Takes planning and time off, right?

You want to look + feel good but can’t imagine going on a 10-day lemon, maple, cayenne detox... I don’t blame you, you’ve stuff to do!

So I’ve tried quite a few and depending on what you need here are a few ideas to get you started:


Why did you have to say constipated?

Well, if you can be regular that’s already a step towards detox, because being backed up is toxic, especially for longer period of time. Toxins = Bad = Excess fat to protect your body against those toxins.

So how to go about it without going for a colonic, other than the obvious: Eat your fibers from vegetables, rye bread, chia seeds, etc? Snooze button Zzzzz. YOU KNOW THE DRILL, so here are a couple of top up options along a healthy diet:



All natural. Definitely works. Tastes much better but it’s more drastic than psyllium husk.

How to take it

Chew on a cube at night. Start with 1/4 and see how you go. Then if needed slowly build up to 1 cube (that’s the max intake).

Follow it with a big glass of water

I recommend taking them an evening when you have the next morning off or near a toilet at least. Everyone has different sensibilities to most products but best be safe the first time.

Do not take these continuously, you want your own body to learn to get rid of its own waste and over time you need to find out what foods block you up and which don’t and not just depend on those cubes.


When can you see results?

Depends on how backed up you are, but for me it’s the following morning.

It can be one of those ‘grab your butt and run’


Where can you buy it

Most health food stores sell it and if you go the Ortis website: they have a tab saying ‘Where To Buy’



Great to have herbal drinks for your liver and kidneys.


One of their many jobs is to detoxify the body, so all that crap we eat/drink, they have to work on it whilst juggling other things. They are often overworked and overlooked.


They play an incremental part in the waste management of our body, and last time I checked, overfilled bins were not a good look....


So indulge in a some good herbal drinks for them BUT check with a doctor first as it is not good for everyone. I have to have them because of my a slow liver and kidneys.


Which teas

Dandelion tea

Nettle tea


Where can you buy it

Health food stores. If you’re lucky to live near a herbalist, get them there!



If you don’t want to see a doctor or drink those herbal drinks.

The alternative is anything that tastes bitter (naturally) tends to be good for the liver such as: Radicchio, chicory, rocket and dandelion for your salads.


That’s it folks! There are even more ways to detox but it’s a good place to start.


Angie S

Yours In Health. Inappropriately