Detox. Who’s Got Time? Part 1


Takes planning and time off, right?

You want to look + feel good but can’t imagine going on a 10-day lemon, maple, cayenne detox... I don’t blame you, you’ve stuff to do!

So I’ve tried quite a few and depending on what you need here are a few ideas to get you started:


Why do you put those two together?

The quality of your skin depends on many things but a big one is digestion, which is why I want to address it in Part 1. We all know how our skin (and hair) can look after a big night out or when an allergy gives you rashes, and how when someone is unwell, they look it: complexion is lacklustre, sometimes even change to a different colour like yellow.

So if you think looking after your digestion is unrelated to the quality of your skin...think again.


Starting off super simple but highly beneficial!!!


This is the best and cheapest thing can do for your bowels AND skin.

This will help your glow, it’s alkaline* (GOOD NEWS) and gets your first bowel movement going.

How to take it

Squeeze half a lemon

Add freshly boiled water with it. Some use a wedge but I have half a lemon. Cuz I’m greedy like that.


Drink it through a straw to protect your enamel. If you can, avoid plastic straws for the environment, but this one’s up to you.


Indigestion after a meal

Add  fresh ginger in there if you’re feeling fancy. It’s good for you BE fancy

Great to wash colds away (same as above add fresh ginger)

The BEST news about it

Great the day after you’ve been drinking. For all the above reasons.

Whilst you're at it, why not down it with a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to give

your skin extra plump and moisture!

Where can you buy it

Are you kidding me?!


Why did you have to say constipated?

Well, if you can be regular that’s already a step towards detox, because being backed up is toxic, especially for longer period of time. Toxins = Bad = Excess fat to protect your body against those toxins.

So how to go about it without going for a colonic, other than the obvious: Eat your fibers from vegetables, rye bread, chia seeds, etc? Snooze button Zzzzz. YOU KNOW THE DRILL, so here are a couple of top up options along a healthy diet:

PSYLLIUM HUSK: ‘Nature’s broom’

A crazy fibre that grows 40 times it’s size in water.

This one works great for me, see how it goes for you.

How to take it

On an empty stomach, first thing in the morning

1 teaspoon in a cup of water, mix it, gulp it down (it’s gross so gulp is the only way to go)

Follow that shot with at least two cups of water. The idea is to give those fibres enough water as they grow 40 times their size, which in turn bulldozers your waste away.

Wait at least 30 minutes before you have any food but you can have other liquids such as hot lemon water, herbal drinks etc which helps the husk bulk up.

When can you see results?

Results for me happens between 24  to 72 hours. The idea is to start seeing more movement.


(Like I need to sell you nr:2 when it’s truly everyone’s nr: 1...?!)

It is a gentle result, meaning you’re not clasping your trousers and sprinting to the toilet.

Where can you buy it

Most health food stores sell it but get the unrefined one if you can (grey/brown in colour), if you want to avoid processed psyllium husk.

To be fair, I didn’t realise for years I was taking refined husk and I’m fine but now, I only buy unrefined. Solgar’s is the one I get.

That’s it folks! There are more ways to detox but it’s a good place to start.


*I know it makes no sense since it tastes acidic, but candies may taste sweet but they ARE acidic for the body.