Should I be Vegan or Carnivore?

One of my pet peeves is when health & beauty messages are dressed up as Godspell. In reality, they’re no better than your street corner dealer selling crack. I don’t do hard drugs but some of those health & beauty ‘gurus’ may as well be and here’s why:

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Angie SComment
Feeling Constipated? {VIDEO}

(October 2017) Here is the video following a post from my friend Shannon on constipation ☺️haha! In this video you will find a few hands-on tips to help get things moving + a little treat the end to lift up from this real topic 🙊 For internal tips, check out my post here: P.S: Who doesn’t love harsh daylight on the side of the face 🤔🤕 lesson learned for next time or so I say...

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